Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


To ensure the safety of our website and the security of our customers' information, we have established several privacy policies for individuals and organizations when conducting online booking transactions on the website:

Our privacy policy will explain how we receive, use, and (in some cases) disclose your personal information. It will also outline the steps we take to secure our customers' personal information. Finally, the policy will explain your choices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information.

Protection of Personal Data and Building Trust

Protecting personal data and earning your trust is a top priority for Đức Phú Gia Tourism Joint Stock Company. Therefore, we will use your name and other relevant information in accordance with our privacy policy. We only collect necessary information related to the booking transaction.

1 Purpose of Information Collection

Collecting data on helps us to:

  • Provide services tailored to customer needs

  • Confirm customer registrations and establish transactions on

  • Manage the website, send updates about the website, promotions, offers, and customer loyalty programs

  • Ensure customer rights by detecting fraudulent actions, account tampering, and customer fraud

  • Manage, analyze, evaluate data to develop appropriate sales and customer service policies

  • Receive feedback, suggestions, proposals, complaints from customers to improve the quality of services at Đức Phú Gia Tourism Joint Stock Company

  • Communicate, support, and resolve issues with customers in special cases

2 Scope of Information Collection

Personal information is collected based on customer self-disclosure for booking purposes on At any given time, collected information may include, but is not limited to:

  • Personal details such as: full name

  • Contact information such as: mobile phone number, email, country

  • Other information relevant to customer loyalty programs (if applicable)

3 Use of Information

Đức Phú Gia Tourism Joint Stock Company only uses customer personal information for the purposes specified in Clause 1 or other purposes (if any) with prior notice and consent from the customer. We do not use customer personal information for advertising, service introductions, or other commercial information without customer consent.

Customers understand and agree that Đức Phú Gia Tourism Joint Stock Company is obligated to provide customer information upon request/decision of the competent state authority and/or legal regulations. Đức Phú Gia Tourism Joint Stock Company will be exempt from any liability related to information security in this case.

4 Retention Period of Information

We will store personal information provided by customers on our internal systems during the product provision process, until the collection purpose is fulfilled, or until customers request the deletion of provided information.

5 Commitment to Customer Privacy

Đức Phú Gia Tourism Joint Stock Company commits to ensuring the security of your personal information when registering personal information with us. We pledge not to exchange or sell customer information for commercial purposes. All sharing and use of customer information will be carried out according to our privacy policy. We aim to make you feel confident and satisfied about the security of your personal information when participating and using the website.

6 Entities Accessing Personal Information

The business operations of do not involve selling customer information to third parties. only provides customer information to the following parties to ensure customer rights as per the security commitments of

  • Partners with signed contracts to perform part of the service for Đức Phú Gia Tourism Joint Stock Company (technical partners, online payment service providers, etc.). These partners will receive information as per the contract agreement (partial or entire information depending on the terms of the contract).

  • State agencies upon request: Đức Phú Gia Tourism Joint Stock Company will provide customer information to serve the investigation process of these agencies.

7 Address of the Unit Collecting and Managing Personal Information

ĐỨC PHÚ GIA TOURISM JOINT STOCK COMPANY Hotline: +84 236 3 747 888 Email: info@ciciliadanang.comAddress: 6-8-10 Đỗ Bá Street, Mỹ An Ward, Ngũ Hành Sơn District, Đà Nẵng

8 Means and Tools for Users to Access and Edit Their Personal Data

Customers can exercise their rights to edit and update their personal information by contacting us through the phone number, email, or contact address published on the website.

9.Consumer Complaint Reception and Resolution Mechanism Related to Misuse of Personal Information

If consumers discover that their personal information on is being misused or used beyond the disclosed scope, they can lodge a complaint with Đức Phú Gia Tourism Joint Stock Company through the following methods:

We commit to processing feedback related to customer personal information misuse within 3 (three) business days from the date of receiving the customer's complaint. In all cases, prioritizes negotiation and reconciliation with customers to reach agreement and propose solutions for complaint resolution.

If both parties fail to reach a desired agreement leading to unsuccessful negotiation and reconciliation, either party has the right to bring the case to the competent People's Court for resolution according to legal provisions